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Got Questions? We Have Answers

Q1: What is Omega Printmakers, and what services does it provide for printmakers?

A: Omega Printmakers is a community printing studio in Southsea, Hampshire, run by volunteers. We provide services for printmakers of all levels, including beginners and experienced artists, offering access to traditional printmaking techniques.

Q2: How can beginners get started with printmaking at Omega Printmakers? A: Beginners can start by attending our introductory workshops, where they'll receive guidance on basic printmaking techniques. Our volunteers are on hand to assist and provide support as needed. 

Q3: Are there specialised workshops for experienced printmakers at Omega Printmakers?

A: Yes, experienced printmakers can benefit from our specialised workshops, which cover advanced techniques and provide a platform for honing skills. Check our schedule for upcoming workshops.

Q4: Can artists bring their own materials and plates to the studio?

A: Absolutely! Artists, both beginners and experienced, are encouraged to bring their own materials and plates for printmaking. Our studio is equipped to accommodate various printmaking techniques.

Q5: What types of printmaking techniques are available at Omega Printmakers?

A: We offer a range of experimental and traditional printmaking techniques, including etching, collagraph, woodcut, and more. Artists can explore and experiment with different methods in our studio.

Q6: How does the volunteer-run aspect of Omega Printmakers benefit the community? A: The volunteer-run model allows us to keep costs low and create a welcoming environment for artists. Volunteers contribute their expertise to assist and support printmakers, fostering a sense of community.

Q7: Are there studio hours for independent printmaking for both beginners and experienced artists? A: Yes, after completing introductory workshops or demonstrating proficiency, artists can access the studio during open hours for independent printmaking. This applies to both beginners and experienced printmakers.

Q8: Can Omega Printmakers assist with the editioning and signing of prints? A: Certainly. Our volunteers are available to assist artists with editioning and signing prints, ensuring that artists can create and present a consistent series of their work.

Q9: How can artists contribute as volunteers at Omega Printmakers?

A: Artists interested in volunteering can inquire about opportunities at the studio. Volunteers play a crucial role in the community, helping with workshops, studio maintenance, and supporting other printmakers.

Q10: Does Omega Printmakers organise exhibitions or events for the work created in the studio?

A: Yes, we organise an annual exhibition at The Jack House Gallery in Old Portsmouth to showcase the work created by artists in our community. It's a great opportunity for artists, both beginners and experienced, to share their creations with a wider audience.

If you still have any questions after reading this please get in touch and one of the Omega Printmaking Team will be happy to help.

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