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Venue: The Jack House Gallery.

121 High Street,

Old Portsmouth,

PO1 2HW.



Friday 7th June to Saturday 15th June.

The Opening Night will be on Thursday 6th June 6-9 pm.


Delivery Of Work to Jack House Gallery.

  • All work (framed, unframed) should be delivered to The Jack House Gallery. Sunday 2nd June between 5 pm – 7 pm Monday 3rd June between 11 am and 4 pm.

  • Please deliver each of your famed prints in a Stiffy-type art bag with your name and title attached to the outside to ensure safety and ease of handling. You can find the printable under Hand in Resources on The Small wonders Phase 2 page here

  • Framed and hung works cannot be removed from the walls until the end of the exhibition. Collection Of Work from The Gallery • All work should be collected from the Jack House on Saturday 15th June between 4.30 pm to 6 pm once the show ends. • Artists are responsible for delivering or arranging a collection of sold work. • We will have a list of artists’ contact details to give to purchasers if they need to arrange delivery. Size restrictions for the framed work: This exhibition focuses on mini prints, please adhere to the size restriction of 30x30cm, including frame and mount. Your print can take any format within these dimensions, allowing for creative flexibility while maintaining the specified size criteria. SMALL WONDERS MINI PRINT EXHIBITION 2024 Labels for hanging Pieces only. • All work should be correctly labelled at the back with your name, title, price, and your unique code. • You can find the printable under Hand in Resources on The Small wonders Phase 2 page here AS OUTLINED PREVIOUSLY • Please attach a paper label or tag to the side of your work that replicates your name and the title of the work. This makes it easier to put the printed wall label and work together while hanging in the gallery. You can find the printable under Hand in Resources on The Small wonders Phase 2 page here Frame and Hanging Requirements. • The frame must be professionally presented in either black, white, or natural wood for the gallery. We cannot display artwork if the frame does not meet the required standards. • Mini Framed work should have D rings that can be attached 1/3 down from the top. Wrapped Prints for Browsers. • Each artist can deliver 2 wrapped prints (Clear cellophane or similar) ready for sale • All Browser pieces prints should be properly wrapped and labelled clearly on the back with name of artist, price and your unique code for each item delivered, so we can track sales more effectively. • The code should be your full initials and the last 2 letters of your name. For example, John Smith’s browser will be JSthB1, JSthB2. You can find the printable under Hand in Resources on The Small wonders Phase 2 page here General information • Your artwork submission for wall pieces information will be printed off and held at the sales desk during the exhibition, and any sales are recorded on your list. • When you deliver your works to the gallery. This information form needs to be signed off by one of the members of the Exhibition Team on the delivery day. • You will bring your wrapped Prints information with you when you deliver your work that must be included in your form on that day. • All works on sale should have a unique code on the back with other information, for sales tracking. • The Jack House Gallery does not take any commission from sales. Only asmall payment provider fee of 1.69% applies to any sales made (subject to slight variations) Volunteers • We need volunteers. We expect every participant within travelling distance to volunteer to invigilate please see the invigilation link. In order to use people a few times as possible its essential that each person who can offer themselves is a generous as possible with days. The more people who offer the less chance we will have to use the same person again. We will do everything we can to ensure that we use everyone who volunteers once and only twice if there is no alternative. Please fill out the availability section – this is not the final rota. The final Rota will be sent out around a week before two weeks if responses are generous. Invigilation is during the exhibition Friday 7th June to Saturday 15 June. • Morning slot: 10.00- 1.30 Afternoon slot 1.30- 17.00 • The FINAL invigilation rotation form will be available on the Phase 2 page as soon as it is ready. It will be a link button Titled FINAL INVIGILATION ROTA. For all the details contact: Deborah Dodsworth 07920 114 831 Finally thank you for taking the time to read through this, we really appreciate that you are busy and want to make everything as streamlined as possible and this can’t be done without your co-operation and generosity. Omega Printmakers

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